Mobile application for automating internal processes

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    The Ingrad Group constantly interacts with contractors who build and transfer real estate objects to the company, after which the flats pass into the hands of their owners. However, problems often arise at the delivery stage due to incorrect layouts and lack of finishing or amenities specified in the contract. This creates great reputational risks. To speed up the process of identifying and correcting shortcomings, the company needed a mobile auditing system.


    Develop a mobile application to automate the processes of receiving and transferring real estate. It needed to be easy to use, work in online and offline modes, and synchronize with the Ingrad’s CRM systems.

    • Mobile application (iOS) for tablets
    iOS, Linux, Docker, PHP, PostgreSQL, Symfony


    We promptly developed a unique mobile application for the Ingrad company that makes it possible to carry out inspections of new construction. The intuitive interface does not require any special training. After being authorized in the system, employees can use the system’s filters, sorting functions, and other tools to manage data.

    The system has made it possible to control the quality of contractors’ work and increase customer loyalty.

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