Smart Mobility

    Enhanced mobility is one of the key factors driving improvements in quality of life. Guided by a deep understanding of this combined with a modern technology stack, we develop transport applications in accordance with the MaaS concept (mobility as a service) and Bus-on-Demand services (transport-on-demand). Our products make using any mode of transport faster and more convenient.

    Intelligent trip planning taking into account all modes of transportation

    Online monitoring of transport and ETA forecasting

    Taxi services, carsharing, bicycle and scooter rentals

    Transport-on Demand service

    Optimization of routes based on Big Data

    In-app cashless payments

    City events and tourist sites

    Communication with users

    Multilanguage interface

    Passenger profiles with trip history and personal recommendations

    How to use our application

    Indicate the points of departure and arrival
    Choose one of the proposed routes
    The trip can be paid for in-app
    Follow your progress on the map
    Have a great trip!

    How do I pay for trips

    Indicate the points of departure and arrival
    Choose one of the proposed routes
    The trip can be paid for in-app

    How to park with the help of MaaS applications

    Parking areas and fees are shown on the map

    Reserve a parking space and pay via the application

    Forecast of available parking spaces

    Find the nearest parking area and see its cost on the map

    Reserve a parking space

    Pay for parking in the application

    City Events and Tourist Sites

    MaaS applications can do more than just help people move around the city in the way most convenient for them. They can also guide them to its most interesting places via an online map, which also displays the main attractions, festivals, celebrations, and other events going on at the moment. This helps tourists get acquainted with the city and aids local residents in planning their leisure time.

    Routes to tourist sites
    Audio guides
    Language settings

    How MaaS applications benefit the city

    Makes it possible to influence people’s transport behavior
    Optimizes route networks via Big Data
    Produces passenger feedback that helps improve transport infrastructure
    Wider use of public transport due to reduced travel time and improved passenger experience
    Reduces the negative impact of exhaust gasses on the environment due to reduced vehicular traffic
    Promotes new modes of transport (bicycles, scooters, carsharing)
    Increases tourism

    How MaaS applications benefit city residents

    Trips become more accessible and comfortable
    Passengers can plan trips in accordance with their preferences – for example, choose more ecologically friendly or economical routes
    Public transportation becomes a comfortable alternative to private transport
    Improves accessibility to city infrastructure via public transport

    Proprietary Routing Module

    ISS.Digital’s MaaS applications have their own multimodal route planner based on the Round-Based Public Transit Routing (RAPTOR)

    Proprietary Mapping Platform

    Our platform provides vector maps and helps companies get maximum benefit from using maps on the website or in a mobile application without integration with Google Maps or other solutions. The built-in visual editor makes it possible to manage layers and map objects, as well as change colors and other parameters


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