Our Team

    Our team consists of 100+ specialists with extensive experience in creating customer- oriented services. Professionalism, openness, mutual support, continuous training, and respect for the individual lie at the heart of ISS.Digital's corporate culture.

    Pavel Serebryakov
    Director, Parkomatika Project
    Ilya Chausov
    Backend Developer
    Mikhail Ishchenko
    Frontend Developer
    Aleksandra Chernopazova
    Ilya Melnikov
    Backend Developer
    Arkady Garanin
    Testing Specialist
    Sergey Blintsov
    Product Director
    Yuri Bulgakov
    Android Developer, Moscow Transport Project
    Maria Burdina
    Communications and Content Manager, Moscow Transport Project
    Pavel Vasilyev
    Backend Developer
    Sofya Zayats
    Office Manager
    Kirill Zenyuk
    Technical Writer
    Mikhail Kulagin
    iOS Developer
    Andrey Kulyashov
    Product Manager
    Dmitry Kustov
    Sales Manager
    Danil Leskov
    Android Developer
    Nikita Yudo
    QA Engineer, Moscow Transport Project
    Sergey Romanenko
    Product Manager
    Vasily Simakov
    Systems Administrator

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