We have been developing effective digital services for vehicle fleets for more than 6 years. They make it possible to reduce the cost of maintaining fleets, use smart automation tools to speed up business processes and make car payments from a single corporate account.

    More than 600 companies have already become our clients, including BEBER, Ozon, X5 Retail Group, Azbuka Vkusa, Pony Express, UPS, Otkritie Bank, Pfizer, Sanofi and many others.

    How can IT solutions help manage vehicle fleets?

    Our IT solution for vehicle fleets, ‘Parkomatika’, has helped hundreds of companies improve important metrics in business processes.

    30% time savings for accountants

    Eliminates need to create expense reports, collect receipts, and compensate expenses via mobile banking

    10% time savings for drivers

    Drivers no longer need to spend their own money on parking and collect receipts to confirm payment

    10% time savings for fleet managers

    Thanks to tools for managing resources, employees, and vehicles

    Nearly to 0

    Reduces number of parking fines


    Monthly savings on fines


    A market-leading product for managing car payments, vehicle fleets, and parking. Parkomatika is an SaaS solution with a large set of tools and a convenient mobile application

    Main Functions

    Payment for parking and toll roads from a single corporate account
    Manages and optimizes parking budgets
    Tracking and payment of travel on Moscow’s Central Ring Road
    Monitors fines for each car and maintains a full history
    Manages lists of drivers and vehicles
    Assigns tasks to drivers and monitors their execution
    Generates reminders about insurance renewal –it will soon be possible to automatically pay for insurance through our service
    Electronic certificate of receipt or transfer of a vehicle by drivers in the mobile application
    Generates reminders about the need for routine vehicle maintenance
    Keeps maintenance records for both scheduled and unscheduled service, including seasonal tire service

    What metrics does Parkomatika improve?

    Reduces the number of parking fines to nearly zero
    Ability to pay upon completion of services
    No problems with receipts, reports, or acceptance documents

    Comprehensive Vehicle Fleet Management

    The system collects and displays detailed information about each vehicle. Customizable dashboards and alerts help fleet managers solve problems more actively and make more informed decisions

    Automated preparation of inspection check lists for trips

    Digital lists of transport vehicles and driver profiles

    Mileage calculator

    Maintenance history

    Managing vehicle fleets has become easier

    Detailed task lists for drivers (task description, deadlines, contacts, etc.)
    Telematic monitoring of driver behavior
    Knowledge base and tests for drivers
    Chats for communicating with drivers
    Easy tracking of tasks, expenses and driving time limits

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